4 Things You Should Consider When Buying a Gaming Monitor

You and I are unbelievably great gaming enthusiasts, but we probably differ mainly in one aspect. I have a good understanding of what makes a perfect gaming monitor which is frankly why I have decided to share with you this buying guide. Is that right? Well, computer video games could be such an incredible source of entertainment but only if you’re having with you the right kind of computer hardware. Trust me not, of all the required hardware; the monitor plays quite an essential role, and you probably don’t want to pick the wrong one for your needs.

Buying a Gaming Monitor

Here are the four factors you should always consider when you are purchasing a gaming monitor. Let’s get started!

• The Monitor’s Refresh Rate

So what’s meant by refresh rate? To make you understand this, you need to know how video content is usually displayed on the screens. Video content is actually a series of several still pictures compiled together. The concept here is incredibly straightforward. When the content is played, each of the still pictures gets displayed one after the other at a desirable rate resulting in a continuous video.

Therefore, if you need an excellent monitor for playing your games then picking one with a high refresh rate is just the best way to go. A high refresh rate gives highly smooth displays compared to a low refresh rate.

• Monitor Resolution

Resolution is the number of pixels that a given monitor has. As you already know, pixels are the smallest units of an image on the screen. This means that an image is formed from a bunch of pixels. It, therefore, goes without saying that the higher the screen’s resolution, the higher the image quality and the better the gaming monitor. Based on the resolution specifications, you may consider going for any of the gaming monitors listed here below;

  1. 1080P (1920×1080)
  2. 1440P (2560×1440)
  3. 4K (3840×2160)

Choosing from the above list won’t make you regret your move afterward.

• The Monitor’s Response Time

The screen’s response time is equally a key factor to consider. It is time it takes each of the pixels to change the previous color display to the next. A good gaming monitor is, therefore, one with low response time. A response time of 4 seconds and below is usually the best as anything beyond that range would generate blurred images.

• What about the Type of Panel?

Well, talking about the panel type could seem really simple yet very important. The type of panel determines the viewing angle as well as the response time. If you are a real gamer, then you’ll agree with me that sometimes it’s a great thing to enjoy playing your games together with friends. This would call for the best viewing angle, one which can adequately serve you all.

A gaming monitor may have any of the three different panel types; TN, IPS or VA. However, believe me, IPS is usually the best option. It offers some of the best viewing angles and an incredibly lower response time of 4 seconds.

Despite having discussed what can make a wonderful gaming monitor for your needs, the ultimate choice will really depend on your budget and graphics card. Why can’t you make the right choice today and join others in enjoying unforgettable gaming experience? Good luck!